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Our goal is to teach pupils how to set up and operate sustainable Healthy Tuck Shops, Stationery Shops and the new Eco refill businesses, which will all contribute to a school's overall well being.

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Pupils Profit

Learning outcomes:

Repeated practice of Employability Skills: a sustainable enterprise provides an arena in which to repeatedly practice and develop many essential employability skills, including team work, effective communication, problem solving, leadership and numeracy.
PSHE Objectives: these skills enable participants to fulfil PSHE objectives of building confidence and resilience to change, contributing to pupils' wellbeing.
Effect positive change through reducing use of single use plastics and use environmentally responsible products.
Healthy Eating: the healthy tuck shop delivers a boost to "5-a-day" intake throughout the school, and has been shown to positively impact healthy living beyond the sale of break time healthy snacks.

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